I have always believed that behind every adversity is an opportunity. I have always stood up for this idea, even if my eyes were full of tears, no matter how hard the blow was and how dispirited I felt upon receiving it. And I consider that I have always, or pretty much always, found that opportunity sooner or later.

I dared to think this way when, after completing my university studies, I started looking for an employment opportunity. However, uncertainty increasingly grew in me when I realised that every door was closing before me, and the reasons why didn’t make sense. And all of the sudden, without knowing very well how, I stumbled upon this opportunity. It came to me thanks to ILUNION, a corporate group that sees and appreciates my value beyond my condition as a blind and deaf person, transforming my struggle into a challenge for everybody around me. And this is how I was suddenly full of happiness and gratitude.

The moment you find something quite like this, a team willing to turn your difficulties into a challenge to be faced with hope, one can be sure that it will be the beginning of a successful path, no matter how hard it seems to be.

The drawing above depicts Javi wearing a suit on his way to work holding a red and white cane, distinctive sign of the blind and deaf people.

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