So many times I have closed my eyes and imagined a world that makes sense. That world is perfect, because it is full of imperfect people who, despite their differences, bring out the best in them so that they can always remember the most important thing in life: to live. This is a world in which diversity offers life lessons. It is a world in which nobody says “I can’t do it,” but “I will try;” a world in which you bring the will and everybody together offers the means. But then I open my eyes and that world is gone; until recently, when I opened them and it was different…

We were quite a diverse group: Angel, who is blind; Enmanuel, who is deaf and autistic; and myself, who am blind and deaf. Each one of us brought our “sister” or “brother,” who believed in us and made the impossible seem easy. Together we enjoy practicing activities that most of us had never experienced before: zip-line, kayaking, yoga and Tibetan singing bowls. We shared magical moments in which we couldn’t stop crying out that we could make it, that we only needed a friendly hand and our endless will to live.

And the best part of these activities wasn’t the funny moments, like the time when we asked Sergio if he had ever done anything risky in nature and he said “yes, of course, I went on a picnic once,” or when María was talking to me and started laughing and said “he’s not getting any of this.” No, the best part wasn’t any of those moments, but the fact that we turned our diversity into one more reason to laugh, we all felt like brothers for one day, united by something thicker than blood: our real smile.

The drawing depicts a park where some people are practicing zip-line, others are kayaking and others practicing yoga, all of them wearing big smiles on their faces.

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