Javi’s dream

I can still remember that withdrawn and lonely teenager. When I look back, I can still feel his fears. He was afraid to start over, he was afraid of changes and, ultimately, afraid of fate. And I will never forget how one day, that fearful boy said: ‘Alright, mum, I will give it a try.’

His voice was shaky, but his determination was strong. He said it even though he understood it would be extremely difficult, but he tried it, and he achieved it. Today I’m starting a new project and I think of that blind and deaf boy more than ever before. Thanks to him I learnt that I will never face my challenges alone, that my dreams will hide behind my fears and that I will only be defeated at those challenges that I never take.

My dream is today to contribute to build a world that makes sense through my words. I also dream that you will be able to feel that world the same way I do. It will be very difficult and I will be fearful, but you know what? I will bring back that boy who lives inside me and I will say…

‘I will give it a try.’

The picture above is a drawing of Javi surrounded by a whirlwind of audiovisual elements.

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